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2020 DKdesign Project G310GSAction

For a long time, the BMW GS Series is globally known as a leading representative of adventure motorcycles. Even with only a 313cc engine the performance of the little bird G310GS is still impressive!

DKdesign is honored to be invited by BMW Motorrad China to implement a transformation plan for the G310GS into what we named the GS310GS Action. We added Action after the name for the intent of taking this motorcycle out and getting more action. We also want to pay tribute to its big brother GS ADV.

The theme we went for was the concept of long distance off-road racing that was popular in the 1980s. To achieve this theme, we removed the beak on the front and rebuilt the front fairing for the vintage look and includes modern LED double round headlights with a BAJA protective frame that free’s the rider vision to see more of the road ahead for extreme offroad use.

The body adopts the paint theme of its bigger brother GS 1250 HP three-color. We also adopted the bigger brothers tank and reshaped it to fit the G310GS making the lines more neat and sporty. Change the rims to golden aluminum alloy with spokes. Tires are Michelin Anakee off-road tires. Protective external cage on front and the rear with number plates protects the motorcycle like a guard when off roading.

The overall appearance was redesigned by DKDesign, and the original G310S’s thin impression disappears. Now it has a strong presence like the factory R1250GS!

Thanks for the Cooperation:

BMW Motorrad China / 中国 宝马

BMW Motorrad Taipei / 台北 匯特

BMW Motorrad Suzhou / 蘇州 元福

KOSO Lighting/統亞電子

Michelin Tires /忠林摩托

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