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DKdesign x KOSO LCD Multifunction Meter / FAQ

Updated: Jan 24

DKdesign x KOSO LCD Multifunction Meter

Item Number : BMR90038-A (2017-2023)

Item Number : BMR90038-B (2014-2016)




Q : How to switch KM to MPH?

A : Please check out the video below.



Q : How to plug the cable for 2014-2016 models?

A : Please follow the photo as below to plug your wires.



Q : What's the extra cable for and where to plug? ( ONLY2014-2016 )

A : This cable is a sensor for the Engine Oil Temperture, directly plug behind the oil cooler.



Q : I have 2014-2016 models, what will I need to get to change to single meter? A : Here is everything you need as follow.

  1. Order the parts from your Local BMW Dealers.

  • Bracket F Instrument Cluster / 62118558858

  • Trim Panel Instruments Combination / 62118567597

  • Countersunk Head Screw - M5X12-zns3 / 64226916475

  • Grommet / 62118356970



Q : Does this LCD Multifunction Meter provide Fuel Level? A : NO! BMW R nineT Series originally don't have Fuel Level Sensor.



Q : Does this LCD Multifunction Meter provide Heat Drips and Cruise Control display? A : YES, if all these functions display on the Original Meter, same will display on our LCD Multifunction Meter.


If have more questions please leave the comment below.

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