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DKdesign x Rider House Dream BMW R18

Today, we are going to introduce a company called Rider House Dream located in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture, JAPAN.

The founder / Keiji Sakamoto telling us more details about his company, it was founded 43 years ago, he has been involved in the restoration of out-of-print cars in Japan, from general repairs such as motorcycle shops in ordinary rural towns, oil and tire changes.

The store was renewed in April 2021. Along with that, a self-owned motorcycle that I haven't owned for several years. Since I am often involved in domestic cars, I was looking for a foreign car for a change. And also looking for Ducati and Moto Guzzi, but he fell in love with the BMW R18 exhibited at BMW MOTORRAD in the west of Fukuoka and signed a contract on the spot.

At the same time as the contract, there are things that I originally like custom, so I look for custom parts immediately after the contract. In that moment, there were just few custom parts for R18 First Edition in the market, so I was at a loss.

Finding a Taiwan Company called DKdesign, they are focus on designing BMW MOTORRAD R18 & R nineT Series. Their Design and Ideas is really unique and special for me, and I’m pretty sure their accessories will be famous in Japan. So I immediately contact and order parts to install. After that, I contacted him and became an agent in Japan.

Here is the Rider House Dream Instagram Page below,

DKdesign BMW R18 Accessories Page below,

DKdesign-BMW R18 Gas Tank Pads

DKdesign-BMW R18 Cylinder Cover Guards

DKdesign-BMW R18 Engine Cover

DKdesign-BMW R18 Front Fender

DKdesign-BMW R18 Headlight Fairing / Smoke Cover

DKdesign-BMW R18 Headlight Fairing / Yellow Cover

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