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Project G310Rogue by DKdesign

In the 1950s, the R25 was the classic and only single-cylinder motor from BMW Motorrad. Sixty years later, BMW Motorrad finally started producing another single-cylinder motorcycle. The G 310 R is the newest version of the single-cylinder motor which integrates multiple new technologies. It also incorporates a modern design to attract millennials to join the BMW Motorrad Family.

Last year, we took the G310R as our foundation and created a custom scrambler-styled bike, the project is called the “G310 Rock”. Due to our success with the “G310 Rock”, we’re planning to make a vintage-styled variant. We used the R25 for our project idea to retain all the safety equipment and kept the best ergonomics in a limited structure. Essentially, we modified the new modern design and merged it with the 1970s design. Contrasting the 1970s – R100 round tank shape and the 1960s – R50 rubber seat cushion, we created a street fighter style motorcycle.

For this variant, the “R” in G310R stands for “Rogue”. We believe that this variant “G310 Rogue”, echoes with confidence and runs as a real street dominator.

Goodies :

* Based on BMW G310 R

* DK design : Handle Bar End

* Gears Racing : H2 Plus Shock

* Koso : LED Headlight

* Spark Exhaust

* Michelin : Power RS Tires

Special Thanks to :

* BMW Motorrad Taiwan

* Gears Racing

* Michelin Taiwan

* Koso Taiwan

* EU Racing Taiwan

* Jerry Photo Studio

* GW Moto Art

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