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Project R9Thunder- Modified Listing

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Project R9Thunder is based on 2017 BMW RnineT Scrambler.

  • DKdesign Breast Plate - Custom Color

  • DKdesign Meter Ring

  • DKdesign Intake Ring

  • DKdesign Lock Ring

  • DKdesign Exhaust Hanger

  • DKdesign Front Axle Sliders

  • DKdesign Swingarm Slider

  • DKdesign Swingarm Pivot Plugs

  • DKdesign Cylinder Cover Guards

  • DKdesign Airbox Covers

  • DKdesign Bull Handle Bar

  • DKdesign Tail Light Kit

  • DKdesign Side Stand Enlargement

  • DKdesign Vintage Signal Lights Set

  • Custom Front Number Plate

  • Custom Exhaust from OEM RnineT Exhaust

  • EXRIDER Engine Protection Skid Plate

  • EXRIDER Oil Cooler Guard

  • EXRIDER Mudguard and License Plate Support

  • AC Schnitzer Rims

  • AC Schnitzer Front Controls Cover

  • Michelin Power RS Front 140-70 R17 Rear 200-55 R17

  • Kingsman Art Craft Seat

  • Gears Racing H2+ Rear Suspension

  • Universal Headlight

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